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While we buy time … I mean, in the interest of being informative, we’d like to take a step back and look at what went right and what went wrong in creating Lost Legends based on our perspectives and the feedback we’ve had from you.  Then we can look at where we go from here.

First and foremost, Lost Legends has fun, basic gameplay: random areas, lots of different areas, lots of monsters, lots of random phat loot.  This is by the far the number one comment we get, and we agree completely.  It’s good, mindless fun.

Second, it’s goofy.  There’s lots of goofy things in Lost Legends.  From the absurdity of some of the generated quests, to the animations of some of the monsters.  None of this was coldly calculated.  Some of this was intentional.  Some was due to time constraints in getting certain animations done, and then became a cornerstone of how animations should be created.

Third, the sound effect (sfx), ambient sfx, and music are pretty good.  We feel we did a good job in finding or creating the right audio mix for the game.  All the audio has that extra “oomph” of a bass boost which really helps.

Finally, Lost Legends runs on every version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 98 to the present, and requires very very very (you can’t even buy it anymore) low hardware specs.  Since first putting it out in 2006, over a million copies of Lost Legends had been downloaded.  And, there may be more that we don’t know about.

We’ll continue the post mortem next time

See you in the dungeon!




It’ll take us some time for the web site to settle into its new home.

In the meantime, it’s a good question of “what’s next”?

We’ll start off by taking a look back and a look forward, and a look at what’s next.

See you in the dungeon!

It’s been awhile!  The trials and tribulations of everyday life have impeded upon the goings on in the dungeon.

New email hosting is working and should be updated everywhere

We’re in the midst of moving to new hosting and file shares.

The age of WordPress and the Cloud are upon us.

See you in the dungeon



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