Changes in 0.200

Full list of Lost Legends 0.200
features, changes, and fixes

New features

– All item modifiers are now enabled
– “P” and “SHIFT + P” work the same as the middle mouse button to use the selected inventory item
– “U” minimizes (or restores) the in-game interface
– Swap weapons button added to in-game interface
– Monsters can now equip items they stole from you if it’s identified and equippable
– F1 displays help screen
– F2 displays boss screen
– New player trait system
– New player character creation system using new traits
– New human player character
– First person mode
– Zooming in all the way, or the “1” key, puts the player into first person mode
– Zooming out, or the “3” key, puts the player into third person mode
– First person movement keys
– W (or up arrow) … forward
– S (or down arrow) … back up
– A (or left arrow) … sidestep left
– D (or right arrow) … sidestep right

Gameplay changes
– Tweaked and/or reduced many drops
– Character will continue to follow cursor if the player clicks and continues to hold the mouse button down
– Warrior is now called Barbarian to complement new class list
– Primary or secondary attack grayed out if you can’t use it or cast it
– Fixed various animations including spiders and scorpions
– All shrines have messages when you use them
– Identifying an item by equipping it or using an identification scroll now has a sound
– Mastery scrolls now have sounds and a message
– Character and skill scrolls now have sounds and a message
– New inventory pane
– Updated character skills pane
– Selected quick inventory item has a frame around it so you can tell it’s part of the UI, and not the world
– Quick inventory items have hover text
– Selected quick inventory item has hover text
– Adjusted attack ranges of many melee weapons
– New metal UI style conversion started
– All Seeing Eyes now have their spawn count capped
– Left and right mouse button actions give short description of selected action
– Player now appears on the minimap
– Player information including inventory is saved during gameplay so nothing is lost if there’s an accidental crash
– Percent chance to cast works correctly now

Engine changes
– Player progress is automatically stored at certain points during gameplay, so that progress is not lost
– New binary savegame format to fix the recurring text-based problems
– Engine is much more data directed instead of hardcoded
– Removed hardcodes for mouse wheel and moved them to the game.con file
– Some inadvertently included debugging keys could cause trees to be selectable
– Distribution zip file no longer contains sub-directories, simplifying installation
– Some item descriptions weren’t correctly formatted
– If you have a selected quick inventory item, you can’t click through it into the world
– Text could fail to draw if it went off the bottom of the screen
– Mouse-over help text always appears on top of all other interface, but under the cursor
– Interface textures are no longer blurry on low quality texture settings
– Game is only allowed to run once
– Sounds no longer stutter on startup or shutdown
– If the game loses focus or is iconized, the game stops playing sounds and reduces the amount of CPU and system resources it uses
– Splash screen is updated during dungeon creation so it’s more obvious the game isn’t locked up
– Player is prompted to create desktop shortcut and start program shortcuts the first time the game is run
– Light count setting didn’t default correctly in options pane
– All graphics options are changeable without having to exit and restart the game
– Strings are now localized if the localization exists
– New skybox system
– Removed hardcodes for mouse wheel and moved them to the game.con file
– Spell and item database converted to localizeable strings
– Performance suggestions are logged out on first run in case there is a problem
– Performance, OS, and platform data logged out on all runs for debugging help
– Upgraded to June 2006 DirectX SDK
– Custom font support
– Minimum supported resolution increased from 400×300 to 800×600
– Archive file CRC check takes too long on low-end systems, so it’s moved to an optional config
– Sometimes some animations might not be loaded for a mob or player

Bug fixes
– Monsters could loot stuff from you and not drop it when they died
– Shadows fixed on many things including palm trees and crates
– Fixed gloves that were missing their icons
– Weather draws from all camera angles
– Regardless of whether you could actually used a shrine, trying to re-use it would sometimes restart it’s sleep timer
– All shields appear correctly in game
– Sometimes you couldn’t click on the stairway up to the previous dungeon level
– You can no longer mouse pick mobs you haven’t seen
– Left and right mouse button talent choices now close if you click in the world
– 3D mesh error handling could double delete a pointer causing a crash
– Spider animations fixed
– Schismatic animations fixed
– Beetle animations fixed
– Scorpion animations fixed
– Sometimes a Windows message box could pop up behind the game
– Removed little used 16 bit texture config
– Angle of player reset on level change so you’re not staring down into the ground or up into the ceiling
– Button selection wasn’t cleared on re-entering game loading UI
– Formatting bug with short item descriptions
– Extra space in quick inventory description line fixed
– If you have a selected quick inventory item, you can no longer click through it into the world
– Text could fail to draw if it went off the bottom of the window
– Hover help is now handled through a separate UI layer so it always appears on top of all UI, but under the cursor
– On low-end texture configs, UI textures are not automatically reduced in size so they are no longer blurry (unless due to max texture size cap)
– Text offset is now more controlled by resolution
– Sound system “resume” started all audio, not just what was paused
– Sounds no longer stutter on startup or shutdown
– Light count wasn’t set correctly in options UI
– Improved error handling with bad or missing font surfaces
– Improved error handling in trading system
– Cursor picking improved
– Bolts and daggers dont slide off and miss player any more
– Thrown items dont hit torch poles as much
– Monsters won’t follow you forever so they can rotate who is aggro’d
– Talent and mastery descriptions fixed
– Drawing some traps could crash sometimes
– Fixed a crash relating to determining source color of texture
– Fixed potential NULL pointer references setting up visible unit list
– Mouse look could be incorrectly enabled in world map
– Some inadvertently included debugging keys could cause trees to be selectable
– Added NULL pointer checking to make sure audio listener existed before being set
– Performance improvements to rendering terrain and dungeons
– Graphics viewport improvements for stability and performance
– Many hardcoded data and tables moved into database
– Item generation clean-up
– Alt key wasn’t hooked up as a modifier on inputs
– Mouse button states are now correctly tracked in all cases
– All Unicode files are now detected and read correctly
– Removed temporary dungeon and instantiated temporary player behind menu system
– UI system improvements and fixes
– Displayed text no longer appears behind equipped inventory item
– Quest list can no longer show zero pages
– Journal can no longer show zero pages
– Chat display messages could extend off the screen at certain low resolutions or with certain fonts
– Mastery, talent, and character upgrade text could run off screen
– Text could be misaligned in character stats due to font or screen resolution
– If there was no item under the cursor, an invalid item could be shown at the top of the in-game UI
– You can no longer seemingly stack bolts and arrows on top of stackable items like health or mana potions
– Tool tips no longer display from underlying menus
– Left and right mouse button mappings now close when you click outside their bounds
– Right clicking on the game UI could cause the player to move around in the world without clicking
– Many improvements to UI vs. in-game mouse handling
– Player no longer moves when clicking in world to close quick inventory list
– Mouse input can no longer be lost due to accidentally moving or clicking outside the window
– Console no longer continually reallocates memory
– Console memory overwrite fixed
– Player isn’t repeatedly congratulated on reaching level cap when their experience gets high enough
– Console no longer crashes sometimes if you scroll to top of command list
– Scrolling through executed console commands skips output messages
– When played in a window, window height could be incorrect under some conditions
– Incorrect mouse drivers could indicate mouse wheel scrollign when there wasn’t any
– Fixed a crash in quick inventory selection
– Removed background error message when sound system wasn’t working correctly
– If the desired resolution wasn’t supported by the graphics card, sometimes the game window wasn’t created correctly
– On older graphics cards that didn’t support compressed textures, 4444 textures were used instead for some textures, however, this created bad artifacts. Now, 8888 textures are used if compressed textures are not supported
– 16 bpp backbuffer can be selected from options UI, but we don’t offer it by default due to compat problems
– “Quest Completed” text could appear multiple times in quest journal
– If you played a game, then went back to menu menu, and then tried to load a saved game, the mouse could sometimes be locked to the center of the screen
– Tooltip window didn’t scale based on resolution
– Drawing rain could cause a crash
– Under certain conditions, you could end up with a general inventory item in your quick use slot